Andrew Watterson
is a designer
who codes.

He’s here to help designers and engineers ship great products together, whether leading a design practice or writing production CSS.

Recent Work

My Next Adventure

I’d be excited about a new role as a design lead on a great team helping to encourage good culture and collaboration, developing a design system to give designers and engineers a common vocabulary, or working on a team that makes tools for product development.

I'm currently looking in San Francisco or Oakland.


AMP Project


AMP is a web framework in use on over a million sites. I am the designer on the team tasked with building up a suite of components that makes it easy to implement strong UX patterns that are fast, responsive, and accessible.

My role was originally focussed on research and design for components like autocomplete and carousel, but I’ve grown to help define what projects AMP should pursue long term. This has included everything from talking to developers to better understand AMP’s strengths, brainstorming UX opportunities in new verticals, and collaborating with other web platform teams.

Pivotal Labs


Pivotal Labs teaches its clients the culture and techniques of agile software development by making products while sitting literally right beside them.

I was the first designer on what turned out to be a highly successful suite of apps for the Air Force. I designed and launched a complex logistics tool that saved $20K a day in fuel costs and cut headcount and planning time in half. As that success spawned more Air Force projects, I trained a handful of Airmen into functional designers, cheerled the wider design team, and developed a library of standard components that developers and designers on 8 teams used to build products faster.

Teaching at General Assembly


General Assembly runs tech bootcamps for people looking to change careers.

I co-taught a 3 month, full-time intensive class for aspiring designers. I delivered over a dozen lectures and mentored 29 students through their first client projects, team environments, and job searches. Students rated me 4.75 out of 5.



Asana is a collaborative task list and project management tool for teams.

I was the second design hire and worked with product managers and engineers to define features, work through interaction and visual designs, test code prototypes, and ship production CSS.

I worked on the mobile app, growth-focused A/B experiments, and large and small improvements to the web product, including interaction changes for our 2015 redesign.



Meebo was a web-based instant messaging client and embeddable social sharing utility for thousands of websites.

I was the first interaction design hire and worked with product managers, visual designers, and business stakeholders on projects for our main web app, embedded utilities, mobile apps, ads platform, and internal analytics tools.